LCS LAUFER – CABALLERO – SALUM LAWYERS is made up of a qualified interdisciplinary team of professionals who cover the many existing areas of Law and other related disciplines, whose legal consequences may directly or indirectly affect the activities of our clients.

For our firm, trust and confidentiality are key elements that characterize the style of service provided by our members, and we also provide a personal and direct attention to the decision making process of every case that is presented to us.

In our firm, we are also implementing a working style that is characterized by team spirit, so this may allow us to harmonize with the way-of-working of the client using our services, and in the process to complement our legal knowledge with our client’s own particular knowledge regarding his line of business or commercial activity, in order to provide him/her with the necessary legal support to bring his business purposes to a satisfactory completion.

As conflict mediators, in every situation, we also strive to seek and propose timely and reasonable extra judicial solution alternatives so that our clients will not need to enter long and costly legal disputes that may end up affecting both their personal assets and their tranquility, the last needed in order to carry away their daily personal and commercial activities.